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Commands and options

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:22 pm
by Scorpionvssub
Since it can be hard to place everything we have in a single tutorial and especially to a newcomer to tell them each command and option that they have available to them.
Why not list them!

Bear with me as i guide you through the best i can :P

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Elevators(Iron block, glass, signs, buttons)
Claims(Golden Shovel)
Can set up to 5 homes
Create a shop with unique chests at /warp pshop
Ability to do [I] in chat to show the item you're holding or your .. hand..
We provide Vote Ranks(/shop) you can buy with player points. These ranks only require voting or buying points from other players.

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/sethome <home>
/delhome <home>
/home(s) <home>
/sc(sells your chest items)
/sell hand
/kit <kit>
/marry help(Shows all marry commands)

Since there is so much you can do this list will be extended over time.
Feel free to help by posting below with additionals :)