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Post by Scorpionvssub » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:40 pm

BearPremium Our longest existing rank we hold dear.
This young cubbo will make anyones day :D

Price: 5.00,- Euro.
Shop: Click here


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BearPremium tag ingame
Access to /nick (Colored & Bold)
Access to a Free Donater Crate Key (Every 24 hours)
Access to /trails(sand/spell/red)
Access to /kit donater
Access to more Player Vaults! (/pv)
Access to /hat
Access to /condense
Access to 10 Homes (/sethome)Access to the Donator Shop (/warp donater)
Ability to tame pets(Chicken/Cow/Squid/Sheep/Llama/Donkey/Rabbit/Zombie/Mule)
Ability to become these mobs ^ (/d)
$5,000 ingame money

Taming an animal requires a lead and they must be killed using it.
Owner of BearCraft

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