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Post by Scorpionvssub » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:56 pm


Feel like a god? Be a god!
This guy will protect you from all damage.

Price: 30.00,- Euro.
Shop: Click here


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BearGod tag ingame
Access to even more vaults! (/pv)
Access to 50 homes (/sethome)
Access to the Ultimate Bear Kit (/kit ultibear) (Every 72 hours)
Access to more trails(void/pop/rainbow/damage)
Access to more block trails(rainbow/sea)
Access to rain trails(dia/gold)
Ability to own additional pets(Guardian/MagmaCube/Slime/ZombieVillager/WitherSkeleton/Snowman/Silverfish)
Ability to become these mobs ^ (/d)
$50,000 In-Game money
All perks from previous ranks
Disclaimer for the use of the /god command.
The command will disable any money making from mobs via killing them and any drops from dropping when used.
To re-enable this feature turn off god mode.
Owner of BearCraft

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