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Post by Scorpionvssub » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:04 pm


This guy is a real hunter.
1 egg 1 mob and he will catch it!

Price: 40,- Euro.
Shop: Click here


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BearElite tag ingame
Access to Colored Signs
Access to Mob Disguise (/d)
Access to /near
Access to /getpos
Access to /pweather
Ability to use SafariNet *NEW*
Access to all normal trails
Access to colored chat(/Chatcolor)
Access to almost all block trails(carpet/ore/clay)
Access to more rain trails(wart/tear)
Access to a win trail(angel)
Ability to obtain every mob as pet there is(Except EnderDragon)
Additional pets(Witch/Stray/Husk/Enderman/ElderGuardian/Giant/Vindicator/Vex/Wither)
Ability to become these mobs ^ (/d)
Access to 65 homes (/sethome)
$65,000 In-Game money
All perks from previous ranks
Owner of BearCraft

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