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Post by Scorpionvssub » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:08 pm


This guy is unstoppable.
Go ahead. Try it. We dare you :twisted:

Price: 60,- Euro.
Shop: Click here


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OverlordBear tag ingame
Access to nearly every mob disguise(/d)
Access to rare collectible heads(/heads) ($1000 each)
Access to all block trails
Access to all rain trails
Access to the wing builder
Access to a Free Mystical Crate Key (Every 24 hours)
Access to 100 homes (/sethome)
Access to /helpop
$100,000 In-Game money
50 mcMMO tokens (/redeem)
10 Player Points
Access to /kit overlord(Every week)
All perks from previous ranks
Access to /fix working for every item
Up to 10 vaults(/pv)
Owner of BearCraft
Link: survival.bearcraft.nl

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