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Post by Scorpionvssub » Mon May 14, 2018 9:34 pm

This forum is ment to introduce yourself to the community.
You can be as detailed as you desire but please note that while we monitor everything we are not responsible for the personal info you share with the community.

So as the creator of this forum and the head responsible for the server will start

Name: Neo
Age: N/A
Works at: BearCraft

My job is mainly taking care of all your server needs.
This means taking care of lag issues, all donations and server/plugin upkeep. Which I take serious.
I'm also responsible for all websites related to the server.
Next to this I'm responsible for the discord and its bots/channels.

If you need me and i don't respond in-game right away you can always @Neo me on discord and get a response asap or find it fixed very soon after incase of a bug.

Server Owner.
Owner of BearCraft